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Lol Surprise Coloring Pages

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Game information

Game title: Lol Surprise Coloring Pages

Category: LOL Surprise
Game description:

Choose the cool pictures from our collection and paint them in any colors you may like! This game is a pack of coloring pages that depict dolls from the famous toy-series called LOL Surprise. All the characters from this franchise are present here. You are welcome to choose any of them and have a great time experimenting with colors and shades! Everything is in your hands now, so if you have ever dreamt about being a stylist for your favorite characters, this is the perfect chance to become one. You are welcome to choose colors for their clothes, hair, and even do some make up if you want to!

The coloring pages include a wide range of large and high-quality images. To color them, you can use the palette and the drawing tools. Choose the creative color combinations and make your dolls look even more exciting than they initially are – now you can decide the way they look! By the way, due to the high quality of images and large resolution, you can print them out! Just imagine how cool your room will look when you will locate such posters on the walls! Also, you will have a chance to share your masterpieces with your friends and boast of your amazing skills! Try now – the number of available images is almost endless! Have a good time!