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Game information

Game title: Maneater

Category: Simulation
Game description:

How does a shark spend its day? Biting its huge sharp teeth into everything and everyone it sees and devouring it. That’s just what you are about to do in Maneater! You will find out what it’s like to be a shark, enjoy the perks of being the king of all sea predators – and face the difficulties of leading such a way of life. At first, you’ll be just a little fish, easy to scare and hurt. Stick to safe places, steer clear of bigger inhabitants of ocean depths and painstakingly collect food to increase your size.

Once you get large and strong enough, things will change drastically! The creatures that threatened to swallow you alive just yesterday, will suddenly start scooting out of your way. Because now it’s you who can eat them! It’s nice to be the most dangerous fish in the pool, isn’t it? Now you can change your diet and try something meatier. Some of your first missions will be killing a certain number of catfish, octopuses, seals, and, finally, people. After all, what’s the point of being a man-eating shark if you can’t have a good bite of human flesh once in a while? Completing these missions will bring you experience points and you’ll be able to increase your level faster.

Note that some kinds of sea creatures live only in certain areas and that means you’ll have to travel quite a lot to find a turtle island or a beach full of unsuspecting vacationers. But that won’t be boring because the views are just marvelous! You’ll have a chance to enjoy amazingly designed ocean landscapes along the way, explore underwater caves and sunken ships. Perhaps you’ll find some extra quests or even a teleport there? Don’t skip a single crack in the bottom – who knows what might be waiting for you there! The whole process of shark evolution takes about 8 hours. In the end you’ll be the mightiest, fiercest predator all over the planet!