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Minecraft Earth

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Game information

Game title: Minecraft Earth

Category: Minecraft
Game description:

The blocky universe of pixels is entering our world! Behold, Minecraft developers have finally implemented the newest technology into their amazing game that has fans of all ages from all corners of the globe. Now Minecraft will bring you an absolutely new experience and your habitual environment will change a lot because Minecraft becomes an augmented reality title! This is something you were dreaming of for such a long time – two worlds are now mixing and the pixel castles and funny blocky characters will appear right in the middle of a park or on kitchen table. Do everything you did in the previous ones, only better. We bet that you will have a great time. As you may know, most important thing for players is being creative and inventive, while new part provides an opportunity to try it out in a completely other dimension. Considering a fact that now you have an unlimited space for your creations, you can build something absolutely unique without restricting yourself anyhow. Your most crazy fantasies are going to be implemented in life now and what is more – they are going to be implemented in reality literally! Which means that gamers are going to observe them as parts of environment. Then be free to show your ideas & see the creations of other players! Also, in this AR part, gamers will meet numerous familiar creatures, as well as dozens of those you never saw. Later players will be able to display their original options & welcome creatures to live in houses & castles built by them.

As you know, this title is a place, in which gamers are welcomed to have fun as well as to communicate with other players, who join the server. Not only you will easily find like-minded fellows, who are also fond of a favorite entertainment. Gamers will have a chance to unite their powers & abilities in order to create real masterpiece! Use the option of a small screen and then show audience those buildings you’ve done! Go on a mini-trip & take your buddies! Due to this title, familiar courtyard will be open to you from a completely new side. Collect materials, go through tests & celebrate creativity fruits together. Something really stunning is waiting for you, so hurry up and jump in! You don’t have to search for a free and full version of this incredible title anywhere on the web, since we have already uploaded one to our site! You can play it any time you may want and don’t forget to call your buddies to enjoy the newest title together! Good luck with your building and exploring!