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Ladybug and Cat Noir – The Official Game

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Game information

Game title: Ladybug and Cat Noir – The Official Game

Category: Miraculous
Game description:

This pretty girl in a red suit with black dots is Lady Bug and she is the main character of this title! In fact, she is just a school girl, who nevertheless has a small secret. She goes to school during a day and saves the world at night. By the way, there are some other interesting heroes here – Super Cat, Marinette, and Adrian! All of them are superheroes and willing to save the city of Paris from a threat. Two supervillains – Brazhnik and Akum want to destroy one of the most beautiful cities on the planet and superheroes just cannot stay away. Can you help them? You will have to run, jump, avoid obstacles and fight with enemies! Only you and your friends and save Paris!