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Mother Simulator

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Game information

Game title: Mother Simulator

Category: Simulation
Game description:

Being a mother is not easy, especially if this is your first child and you have no idea what to do. Don’t worry, Mother Simulator will teach you how to behave around the little ones and perform your parent’s duties in a wink of an eye! Of course, doing that will require great persistence, quick reaction and nerves of steel. Your baby is sure to give you a hard time. Infants can’t take care of themselves even in the slightest, so you’ll have to be near every single minute, watching out for your little one in case he needs something.

Your parenting routine will include all the usual stuff done by young mothers: feeding your baby in certain time intervals, changing diapers, washing him, soothing him if he is crying, putting the child into bed and also entertaining him so that he feels happy and safe. With each level, the difficulty will be growing. You’ll have to keep an eye on a lot of stuff and also perform more complicated missions like playing basketball. Besides, the character of your little sunshine will be changing depending on how well you attend to him. If you ignore your responsibilities and your kid is often hungry and lonely, he’ll become evil. And on the contrary, if he’s fed, warm and comfortable, he’ll grow up as a good kid.

What makes this game especially appealing is the presence of the leaderboards. Depending on how deftly you deal with your mothering tasks, you will receive a certain number of points that will affect your rating. Therefore, although the game features no multiplayer, there is still a competitive side to it. Check whether you are ready to become a mother and find out everything you need to know about parenting in this realistic Mother Simulator!