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Troll Face Quest Horror 2: Halloween Special

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Game information

Game title: Troll Face Quest Horror 2: Halloween Special

Category: Trollface
Game description:

There are two amazing things about Halloween: humor and spookiness. Troll Face Horror 2: Halloween Special is the next part of an extra-popular funny horror game and a special edition devoted to All Saints’ Day that combines both these features. You will find yourself on the weird world of tough humor, numerous puzzles, and juicy horror-elements, which is an amazing and pretty unique combination for a small game of that kind. If you have already played the previous Troll Face game, you must be aware of the pretty brave and unusual style it has. Just like before, you will have to take part in something that is more than just “making jokes” – trolling! Well, it’s Halloween, the perfect time for entertainments like that. And you are a college student, who celebrates the holiday with his friends. You start the quest from a hostel room and get into a series of strange and even mysterious situations that begin to occur. The situations range from jokes to mystical riddles. By the way, if you are a fan of horror movies, you will be absolutely pleased by a number of witty references to your most favorite titles included in the game. The developers tried hard to ensure that even the most demanding horror-lover will fully appreciate Troll Face Horror.