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Paint Pop 3D

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Game information

Game title: Paint Pop 3D

Category: Painting , Skill
Game description:

Most shooters are all about violence. Usually, you have a gun and a bunch of enemies to deal with. You walk around, kill monsters, hide from them, and gather some new weapons to make killing even more efficient. However, we are happy to present an opposite version of shooters to you! This is Paint 3d, an incredibly cute and bright shooting title, where you have lots of nicely drawn characters to play with. You have colorful paints instead of bullets and a ring. Shoot in a ring to make it colorful! Make sure to avoid obstacles and don’t forget to try playing for all the available characters – they really are extremely adorable! The amount of paint you have there is never-ending, so shoot as much as you want! Can you feel that thrill? Try Paint 3d on our website for free.