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Game information

Game title: Phasmophobia

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

Phasmophobia is a cool cooperative psychological horror game based on hunting ghosts and spirits. It invites you to go on a series of dangerous missions where your own life can be at stake. Because your enemies won’t be just mere people – you will have to step up against powers human don’t fully understand. But someone has to deal with them, and why not you? So, are you ready to try on the role of a ghost hunter and become a real hero? Then let’s start! Your main task is to collect evidence that will prove the existence of otherworldly forces in one place or another, and destroy all the evil creatures treating peaceful people. But if you think this is an easy process, you are wrong. This is actually very difficult. You will have to show observation, use ingenuity, and become very cunning in order to bring evil spirits out into the open and deal with them all. At your disposal in this game will be a bunch of different devices, various equipment, and much more. Over time, you can unlock new gadgets and buy other types of weapons, improve old items and do you job more effectively. All this will definitely be useful for you on the hunt. Each object is important here in its own way, and even a flashlight, which at first glance appears to be simply for illuminating your way, can sometimes play an almost crucial role. The most interesting thing is that you can play this game in a cooperative mode, designed for four people. Take your friends with you and go on a series of dangerous assignments together. You will find yourself in a variety of places, like haunted houses and buildings with ghosts. Acting together, drive wicked spirits into traps, look for evidence of their existence and tape everything to prove that paranormal beings are among us. The whole process is really impressive and you are guaranteed to get plenty of intense emotions! By the way, in Phasmophobia you will find more than a dozen varieties of supernatural creatures, dozens of cool things to use against them, interactive environment and a lot of other amazing stuff. Set out on your very first mission and start catching ghosts that have got out into the wild! You are going to enjoy this thrilling experience!