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Game information

Game title: Pikuniku

Category: Skill
Game description:

Get ready for a deep immersion into absurd and joy with Pikuniku! The level of strangeness here exceeds everything you have ever seen in video games. Find yourself in a colorful and funny world, where adorable creatures live, play with them and solve interesting puzzles. However, everything is far from being that idyllic in the Pikuniku universe. Very soon you will notice the elements of real dystopia in this funny-looking title. You will communicate with the locals, find out more about this world and creatures that live there, uncovering some blood-chilling and dark episodes in its history. Very soon you will realize that your mission is to raise the flag of the revolution in this not-so-cloudless place!
This is an incredible and unpredictable adventure for both kids and adults. Explore the large world, deal with various tasks from freaky characters, and solve numerous puzzles that will certainly make you scratch your head sometimes. You can call your family members to join you and have a really great time playing Pikuniku altogether! This is exactly what you can do on our website. It’s free and accessible for everyone.