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Pokémon Masters

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Game information

Game title: Pokémon Masters

Category: Adventure
Game description:

This is Pokemon Masters! Welcome to the largest world pokemon tournament where you are going to do your best to become a champion. Yes, this won’t be easy – so many rivals of different levels are waiting for you. Some of them will be equal to you and your team-mates, the others will be much stronger, so get ready for really furious fights. Win one match after another, improve your abilities, grow, and go further on your way to success. This won’t be an easy road! Meeting the rivals that are much stronger than you, pokemons of yours will have a chance to become even stronger, but don’t get too frustrated if you lose the match. You will have more chances to gain victories and get to the final point as the best trainer in the world. Many obstacles and troubles will appear on your way, but remember that they will only make you better and stronger! Train your pocket monsters to make them the strongest ones on the arena and you will surely show that you and your pets are the best.

So the game process in Pokemon Masters is arranged in a very specific and original manner. Here you will have to unite your powers with other gamers and create team of three. Three VS three – this is the format of every battle you will take place in. Whether you would like to create a team of you and your buddies or want to get new friends among the game fans on the server – you are welcome to do both. The game requires cooperative work, so you will have to think about how to combine your skills and beat all the rivals down in the best manner. Defend each other, enter the fight when it is required and balance your powers to reach the best results. In the end, you will surely gain the main prize and win the championship! Good luck to you, your pokemons, and team members! Let the battle start today! The game is available for free playing right on this page, so launch it and have fun!