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Powerpuff Girls

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Game information

Game title: Powerpuff Girls

Category: Games Girls
Game description:

Meet the long-awaited game based on your favorite cartoon series, The Powerpuff Girls! The show tells a story of three kids with superpowers. They were created in the lab of professor Utony who mixed sugar, spice and everything nice to create a perfect girl. But in the process of the experiment he accidentally added another ingredient. At the last moment, his assistant JoJo pushed his hand and he broke a container with the X element. So the result wasn’t quite like he expected. Instead of one girl, he created three. These girls weren’t usual: they were superfast, superstrong, had extraordinary senses and, most importantly, they could fly. Each Powerpuff Girl has her own unique ability. Their life is dedicated to fighting evil and protecting their home city Townsville from bank robbers, crazy scientists, giant monsters and even extraterrestrials. You can also make a contribution to their hard job and help them on their mission! The new platformer will send you into a dizzy flight over the city with a tremendous number of obstacles and items to collect. Check out your reflexes as you speed through the urban sky and dodge flying vehicles, hanging crates and other tricky obstructions!