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Project Playtime

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Game information

Game title: Project Playtime

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

This company used to be the leading toy producer in the state. Hundreds of charming dolls, plastic dinosaurs and wooly blue monsters have been leaving its manufacturing lines every day. When all of a sudden the factory was shut down for no reason. At least that’s what it seemed. But locals still whisper that there are some evil powers behind it. And you decide to find out if these fairy tales have something to do with reality – now in the company of friends!

Play Poppy Playtime together with friends!

The multiplayer version opens up a whole slew of new gameplay possibilities. When you have a friend by your side, exploring the abandoned toy factory isn’t that creepy anymore. You can always count on them to watch your back and cover it in case of danger. It’s much more interesting now to roam the halls and workshops of Playtime Corporation, solve all the puzzles, pick locks and security codes and of course fight the killer toys that lurk in the darkness. Actually, you can know put your efforts together and build a huge toy of your own to strike back! This is going to be a riveting experience, so invite your friends to check out Project Playtime without waiting any further!