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Deeeer Simulator

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Game information

Game title: Deeeer Simulator

Category: Simulation
Game description:

Dear gamers, it seems like we have found the best, craziest, and most entertaining game of the 2020 year. This is a Deeer Simulator, a truly great and unique title that will tell you something about the life of deer. Something you have never knew. Deer are truly crazy and love having fun, doing some stupid stuff. Here you will find a pretty ridiculous environment where a deer is placed in the realistic physics world, where absolutely fantastic and unrealistic things happen. The game is full of crazy silliness and you will meet other animals ready to join you and turn the entire world around into a chaos, so together you will make a great team of destructors and inventors or crazy objects and mechanisms. Some of them will be made of you and your animal-buddies, which makes everything even crazier. And funnier, as it is always in Deeeer Simulator. The animals and given instruments allow you to unleash and spread funny chaos all around. You can even shoot guns somehow – it is hard to find any logic in the game, but this is exactly what makes it that special and absolutely delightful. To let you feel the atmosphere of the game waiting for you, just imagine a deer walking around the screen having a chainsaw placed over his horns and the strange lump of animals sitting on one other, marching like crazy on the background. Yes, this is something that makes the game incredible and you will surely have a great laugh when playing it! It is available for free on this platform. The animals can build, destroy, fight, and eve run from the policemen. The animals are secret criminals and some of them even have guns hidden somewhere in their mouths or long fur. You can burn them, feed them with hamburgers, and arrange gun fights. Does it sound crazy enough to you? Then hesitate no more and enter the game now – you won’t regret your time spent with Deeeer Simulator. Guaranteed.