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PUBG Mobile

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Game information

Game title: PUBG Mobile

Category: PUBG
Game description:

Who doesn’t know about the famous PUBG game? This multiplayer shooter will keep you glued to the screen for hours! 100 participants are dropped off on a distant island with a total area of 8×8 kilometers and fight to death until there is only one of the remaining. Everyone lands unarmed; the weapons are scattered across the territory to scavenge. Your task is to locate and pick it before your opponents do. On the island, you’ll find plenty of supplied and vehicles to use against your foes. There are countless tactical opportunities for you to develop your own winning strategy and successfully implement it on a constantly shrinking map. You are going to require good reflexes, alertness and resourcefulness to survive in this massacre! Every move of your finger can be decisive, so keep your eyes sharp and be ready to act quick and precise any moment! Unlike many other online games, PUBG is graphically rich and stunningly realistic. You’ll be thrilled with amazing gameplay effects and carefully painted detail. The absorbing 3D audio and channel surround sound will make you feel like you are actually on the battleground! The same goes for weapons. There are multiple melee weapons, firearms and throwables with lifelike physics allowing you to eliminate your enemies in all possible ways. Besides, there is no need to wander around on foot. You can hop on a motorcycle, crash your foes with a truck or even use a boat to quietly sneak down on them by water. Invite your friends and build teams to up your chances and lay the ambush your enemies won’t be able to escape! Thousands of opponents all over the world are waiting to take up your challenge! The more you practice the easier for you it will be to make the right move in a critical situation which happens here like every other second. Show you strength, agility and tactical abilities by finishing off every other person on the island!