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Ranger Vs Zombies

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Game information

Game title: Ranger Vs Zombies

Category: Zombie , Survival Horror
Game description:

Walk, jump and shoot the zombies – these are the main things you are going to do in this title. Your mission is to defeat the walking dead, big and small and that’s all! Sounds simple and so it is. Actually, this adventure won’t make you scratch your head or think about your next move. You just do the same things all the time until all of the zombies are down. However, the number of them seems to be infinite, so you can continue until you get bored. While you play, you will certainly start thinking that you are a really good ranger and zombie-killer, because the process is pretty clear and simple. At some point, you might be very surprised if your energy turns to be over. This might happen all of a sudden, especially if you don’t pay too much attention to a particular life-bar. Well, it’s hard to do so, when the armies of zombies are trying to eat you, but you should.