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Ravenfield Beta 10

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Game information

Game title: Ravenfield Beta 10

Category: Sniper , Tank , Games 2017
Game description:

Meet a new, improved version of your favorite FPS where you will again be tasked with killing red square-headed opponents. This time, you will get access to an even wider selection of weapons and vehicles. Just like previously, your mission is to destroy the enemy base using various types of sniper rifles, canons and even space weapons. Another brand new weapon type available in this version of Ravenfield is mortar that will allow you to level down an entire enemy camp. Plus you will be able to accurately locate your enemy using a field glass. This time your team will be led by a general that will arrange all the actions making the process more coordinated and thoroughly planned. There are new types of tanks and helicopters you can control in the game. However, don’t underestimate your foe. The enemy soldiers are just as dangerous and skillful as yours. They have a good command of fire weapons and can be mortal in melee fight. Leading your team to victory isn’t going to be easy. Developers have added new missions and locations as well as the ability to join forces with friends and play online in real time mode. So don’t wait any longer, get into the game and make sure you kill every last enemy on the map!