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Ice Scream Horror Neighborhood

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Game information

Game title: Ice Scream Horror Neighborhood

Game description:

A truly fantastic horror story is waiting for you in the game called Ice Cream. The story is about a couple of young kids, who were just hanging out that beautiful weekend, doing all the stuff boys usually do. At some points, they decided to have some ice-cream – there was a hot summer and nothing is better than a sweet cold ice cream in a sunny afternoon. So you decide to get to the ice-cream van, the one that came to your town to gladden kids. Is that really about gladdening them? Well, we don’t think so. As many canonic horror stories, this one starts with a pretty idyllic picture and ends with a real nightmare. When you finally get to the ice-cream car, you notice that your friend is gone. You look around and at some point you see him being carried by the ice-cream seller! This guy has frozen your friend and takes him inside of the van now! That’s pretty creepy and you don’t even know if he is alive.

However, there is no choice – you are the only one who knows what have happened, so you are the one to save your friend. There might be more children in the van and if all of them are frozen, you won’t be able to carry them all out… But what should you do? Do you have a choice? Of course, not. So you decide to enter the strange van and find them. The problem is that you have all chances to join the victims, if the ice-man will see you. He hears your steps and you need to hide anywhere you can to avoid meeting him face to face or he will get you. The game allows you to follow different plots, so you will have a chance to see the story from various angles and find out more masteries. The enemy is tricky and you will have to do your best to trick him and to solve his strange puzzles if you want to save your friend. The game has three levels of complexity and all of them have different tasks and features to try, so you may start playing over and over again to see if you can overcome each level!