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Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare

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Game information

Game title: Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare

Category: Adventure
Game description:

Red Dead Redemption is a western-style game launched by the Rockstar Games studio. The second part of this title explores the wild western region of America with all of its amenities: gangs, guns, and tough guys. You are going to discover the history of the gang named Van Der Linde with its leader John Marston. Surprisingly, Red Redemption 2 doesn’t have a E3 show yet, however, there is a plenty of teasers and screenshots to discuss. The first trailer demonstrated many locations and explained the course of the story. As for the second trailer, we saw the main character at his duties there. The release of Red Redemption is expected on the 16th of October of this year. Players will be able to enjoy this title on their PlayStation 4 and Xbox. Also, the audience is also expecting to see a special edition ($80), which includes some additional weapons, quests, and maps. There are also two other upcoming packs: Collector’s and the Ultimate Editions ($100). The Ultimate one includes everything from the special one + DLC items. The Collector’s one provides physical goodies such as cards, maps, coins, and art.

The events of the second part of the game tale place twelve years before to the first part. The central characters are the members of the gang Van Der Ling, who have serious problems with the government and other gangs. Arthur Morgan is the key protagonist of the game. He is a right hand of the gang’s boss and takes care about all the needs of a community. However, he will experience doubts about his real role in the life of the gang and his boss in particular.

While the second part of Read Redemption is pretty much similar to the previous one, it focuses on shooting, exploring, communicating with other characters, etc. However, this sequel provides a deeper insight into the world of the narrative and a more detailed scenes of the interpersonal relations. As the most responsible person in the gang, you will have to perform a plenty of duties, like finding resources, getting funds, and ensuring that everything goes just fine within the gang.