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Roblox Break In (Story)

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Game information

Game title: Roblox Break In (Story)

Game description:

Join the collective Roblox game where you will find yourself in a mysterious and nice house. The large mansion is all at your disposal – there are numerous rooms here, balconies, decorations, furniture, walls, lights. The house looks new and fresh. You and other eleven players from the Roblox server will enter this building all together. You will live here as long as you want! Or as long as you will stay alive, because you have all chances to die the very first that comes. The problem is that the idyllic house occupied by you and other gamers is great, but it is also extremely dangerous. At some precious moment, you will meet the killers that break into the house and turn everything into a great mess!
However, all the other time, you will have to wander around the rooms, looking for various interesting items, mysteries, and solving the puzzles. Find out about the history of this house, previous inhabitants, and other facts. And try not to get killed! Cooperate with other players and make plans on how to oppose the murderers in the black suits that will knock at your doors soon! Good luck and try to survive!