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Five Nights at Candy’s

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Game information

Game title: Five Nights at Candy’s

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

It seems like the pizzeria of Freddy Bear is closed for ages. However, there is a new restaurant in town that is here to replace a famous predecessor. This game series were created by FNAF fans and you know what? It can boast of being a full-fledged side-story! Well-done, perfectly-drawn, and scary as hell! Are you ready for another five nights spent with animatronics? These are new ones, you have never met them before, so get ready to you will meet really special monsters here. Let’s get started!
The plot of the first part of the game unwraps itself in a distant 1987 year. The restaurant was closed and Candy, an owner of a burger-café, attracts more and more visitors. The main character of this story is a woman who stays here at night to make sure that everything is in order. Her name is Marry and he will get a pretty large sum pf money after the five nights of her work will end. The woman cannot refuse an offer like that, but she doesn’t know what is waiting for her at this strange place… She will surely get her money if she will stay alive after a nightmare that is waiting for her. The owner of a burger-café is a mechanic cat and as you have already guessed, her name is Candy. She has a team of other mechanical animals around her and they go crazy when the sun goes down. So the animatronics will hunt Marry during these five nights of terror and horror. What is even worse, the pressure will make a lady go insane and she will see hallucinations on the walls of the room. It seems like she has a very dark past and feels guilty about something horrible she did before. You will find out more about Marry and her story in the game.