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Rules of Survival

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Game information

Game title: Rules of Survival

Category: Kids Games
Game description:

It doesn’t matter how strong you are in the reality, you can always become a fearless warrior in the virtual world, and Rules of Survival will help you in this uneasy task. You have a parachute that takes you to an unknown location, where you see a severe battle. There are 119 enemies, and all of them know the only rule of the game: kill or die. You have to understand it quickly, otherwise you will be dead. You are empty-handed, and you need to find weapon and other supplies to make the game last for your character. As time passes, the game become more and more complicated, and the risk that you can be deadly injured grows within each minute.

There is only one survivor in the game, so don’t you even think about a mercy. The variety of weapon and transport is really huge, but you should earn every item. Though the game sounds rather violent, you won’t see rivers of blood and detailed picture of injures. As for the game currency, you can earn it in battles or exchange you real money for it. There are so many interesting things you can buy, including different items of outfit, and your character may become really outstanding and recognizable. Enjoy the great community of fans of this shooter, and become the last human, who survived the bombs explosion and machine gun shooting.