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Sally Face Episode 5

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Game information

Game title: Sally Face Episode 5

Category: Sally Face
Game description:

Explore one of the darkest small quests you have ever seen in your life! This is Sally Face Episode 5, a title where you are going to meet unusual characters and solve thrilling mysteries playing for a guy with blue ponytails. He is small and tender, so you might think that this is actually a girl in front of you, but there is a kind and touching young man under that gloomy white mask that reminds of the horror movies. But there is something wrong with him and he seems to have more secrets than just an injured face hidden under the mask. You are to find out everything about Sal and his story. You will follow him every minute, visiting school and facing dozens of problems, some of which are very strange. For instance, the inner world of the main character seems to be ruined and he suffers from nightmares and demonic substances that visit him from time to time. The creepy neighbors seem to be criminals and he becomes aware of that. His friends are treating him in a detached manner. Still, he remains a really nice and adorable kid. Is that really so? Learn the whole story and you will find out.