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Sally Face Full Version

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Game information

Game title: Sally Face Full Version

Category: Sally Face
Game description:

There is nothing you can call “normal” or “ordinary” in Sally Face Full Version. This is a title about the adventures of a guy, who had really hard life and now has to reflect on the events of the past. The narrative goes in the form of a story told by the protagonist, so you are literally playing in his memories, passing every episode and finding something new out. The background is simple – Sally is in the cabinet of a psychotherapist and he needs to share his darkest secrets with a specialist, because he is blamed in a horrible murder. It is not very clear whether he is schizophrenic or not. He has an access to some mystical experiences, being able to contact the spirits, talk with ghosts and demons. Sometimes, they are being very nice to him and give some tips on how he should act. However, in other cases they are pretty scary and make him suffer from bad dreams. Who knows, maybe these are the consequences of horrible events and psychological difficulties he had to face when he was a child. However, sometimes you will really have a feeling that Sal is not insane at all and the demons are all real. Well, we bet that you will have amazing time when playing this. The episodes are pretty small, but some of the puzzles you will find there will surely make your brain boil. The title is atmospheric and pretty unusual. Despite being a pretty short one (it will take you a couple of hours to pass all episodes), it features an incredibly detailed and overloaded plot. Good luck.