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Sally Fisher

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Game information

Game title: Sally Fisher

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Game description:

He used to be a troubled adolescent with blue hair and face covered with white mask, which is actually a prosthesis he has to wear after an injury. From his young years, Sally Fisher had a lot of pain his life. He lost his mother when he was a child and moved to New Jersey along with his father to start something new and forget about the tragedy. Despite his inner and outside traumas, Sally stayed a kind and soft person, who can understand and emphasize with anyone, no matter what. He never sees negative traits in people around him.

After moving to a new place with his father, Sally becomes a witness of a murder when trying to explore the new dwelling. Solving puzzles and making complicated moral decisions, Sal does his best to assist the investigation. In the next episode, he is suffering from nightmares and one day realizes that the strange events occurring around him are caused by a demonic entity, however, nobody takes him seriously. He continues solving puzzles and bloody crimes, focusing on his mystical intuition. The next episodes are all full of strange and creepy stories, that are mostly based on Sally’s terrifying dreams and demons that chase him. Many more tragedies and horrors are waiting for him and sometimes one might suspect that Sally is losing his mind. The satanic cults and rituals are sneaking in the life of a person, who used to be kind and soft some time ago. In the end of the story, he is blamed for committing a horrible mass murder. During the court process, one of his friends betrays him and a very pitiful end is waiting for Sally.