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Game information

Game title: Scrutinized

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

Being a true detective today is not the same as fifty years ago. Since then, technology has changed significantly. No more crawling around a crime scene with a magnifying glass in your hand and painstakingly collecting evidence. At our service are the achievements of DNA analysis and other biological innovations. If you know at least some distinctive features of a criminal, it won’t be difficult to find them on the Internet. After all, even if they were very careful, they still probably have an account on social networks where a recognizable photo is posted to confirm the likeness. There you can also track their location, roughly understand how they live, where they go and where to look for them. On one hand, all this greatly simplifies the work of investigators. On the other hand, now they have responsibilities of a completely different nature – computer surveillance.

In this game you have to become a young and promising employee of the investigation bureau. This girl has great talent for her job and enjoys helping people. In addition, she is well versed in computers. With their help, you will run the investigations together with the main heroine and find the criminals. Review the details of the case and decide where you should start looking. You need to go through all the databases, check all the pages and accounts registered for the suspect. Don’t skip a single bit of information – anything that can help you get a better idea of this person goes. Perhaps they were shopping near the crime scene at the time? What card did they use? Did it really belong to the man murdered in the dark alley behind the store? All these small details will help you put together a complete picture of what happened and punish those responsible!