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Showdown Bandit Bendy and the Ink Machine

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Game information

Game title: Showdown Bandit Bendy and the Ink Machine

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

The very new game Showdown Bandit is already conquering the gaming community. This is an exciting horror game that depicts a story of an abandoned puppet theatre. The show was widely-known and beloved some time ago, but it was closed and nobody knew why. Years have passed and the puppets are back. However, they have changed a lot – after a long time spent in darkness and cold, they got really old and a bit creepy. Now you will become one of them – controlling a puppet called Bandit. A journey to a dark and gloomy world of forgotten dolls is waiting for you to discover it and this is going to be a difficult and dangerous travelling. As a puppet, you will have to take care of your strings – somebody might want to hurt you and cut them…
The game was created by the same studio that launched Bendy some time ago. If you look closer at Bandit and Bendy, you will see that these guys have much in common – the same burning eyes, a bit crazy expression, evil and charm in one. Also, the plot of the game is very much alike to the one you know from Bendy and the Ink Machine. Just like in the debut game of the studio, here you will have to encounter adventures in the imaginary world that become real. Even more real than the habitual one. Like comic book in Bendy, an entertaining medium comes to live once again. You will have to find yourself surrounded by strange invented world, where puppet show is a main matter. As one of the dolls in a show, you will have to follow your prescribed role or die. While in the first part a little inky monster Bendy enforced challenges for you, this time you will feel like something is controlling you and arranging everything that is going on around. Do your best and try to survive in this creepy yet impressive and interesting game.