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Soccer World Cup 2018

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Game information

Game title: Soccer World Cup 2018

Category: Goalkeeper
Game description:

Soccer is a game that’s hard not to get addicted to. After all, it’s so thrilling to watch a ball flicker from one corner of the field into another! Not all of us are lucky to be present at the stadium at events like that, let alone take any part in them. But you can easily try on the shoes of a Manchester or Barcelona forward in the virtual football simulator! Now, when Russia 2018 World Cup is so close, the game market is seeing a drastic increase in football frenzy. If you, too, are a fun of this sport, you should definitely take a shot at Soccer World Cup 2018! This turn-based soccer game allows you to select the team of your favorite country and make sure the famous international championship ends up according to your own plan! When it’s your turn to hit, just flick one of your team members and aim your best to drive the ball in. But don’t act too slow, your time is limited and if you don’t make it, your turn will pass! If you hit a player of a rival team instead, you’ll lose your turn as well. Be careful with your aims! Soccer World Cup 2018 will help you warm up before the new football season. Pick your team and win the tournament in a series of colorful, action-packed matches featuring your favorite players!