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Sort The Court!

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Game information

Game title: Sort The Court!

Category: Adventure
Game description:

Ever fancied being a king or queen, making the big calls that decide the fate of your kingdom? Sort The Court! drops you right into the throne room, where with a simple yes or no, you shape the future of your realm. This game strips down the complex genre of kingdom management to its bare essentials, presenting you with a parade of subjects, each with their own requests, dilemmas, and stories. From peasants begging for gold to wizards offering mysterious quests, your decisions impact your kingdom’s wealth, population, and happiness. It’s all about the balance, making the tough calls, and watching how those choices play out over time.

Rule with Wisdom or Whim

The charm of Sort The Court! lies in its simplicity and the quirky characters that visit your court. The game’s pixel art style brings a light-hearted feel to the weighty decisions you’re tasked with. Will you invest your kingdom’s limited gold in a dubious venture that could massively pay off, or play it safe to ensure your coffers stay full for more predictable needs? Maybe a visiting dragon offers you a deal too good to refuse, or perhaps it’s a trap. Every decision is a gamble, and the fate of your kingdom hangs in the balance. As days turn to weeks, you’ll see your kingdom evolve based on your leadership style. Are you a benevolent ruler loved by all, or a tyrant hoarding wealth? Sort The Court! gives you the power to decide, one yes or no at a time.