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Game information

Game title: Spinner

Category: .io Games
Game description:

Fidget spinner is a real mega hit of today! It is no wonder then .io developers decided to create one more game in their big family. Spinzio doesn’t have a certain aim, but you will be surprised how exciting and addicting it is. You will find yourself on a battlefield that comprises ten rivals, including you. There are no allies, and you have no one to ask for help, and you have to do all the way to the top on your own. After you log in, you have to choose a skin for your spinner and read the simple rules. If you want your friends join you, you can share a link with them, and you will be able to fight against each other, or show a friendly support, if needed. You will see various dots that are scattered all over the place, and you should do all your best to collect them all. The thing is that they help you to grow and gain more power. You need to be strong enough to kill other gamers’ spinners, and you can do it only when you are fast enough, otherwise they will smash you and use the remains as a building material for their spinners. Dots help you to get more RPM, and, thus, move quicker. Your primary goal is to enter the leaderboard, and stay at the top places for as long, as possible.