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Stick Fight

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Game information

Game title: Stick Fight

Category: Stickman
Game description:

Stick Fight is a game that will make you forget about everything else in the world even though it isn’t as visually impressive as the latest 3D fighting games! Here you are about to control a primitive stick character. But don’t be fooled by his simple appearance! This is a great fighter knowing many spectacular combat styles that are carefully animated so that you don’t get bored while taking down multiple enemies. The enemies will be rushing at you in waves and the speed will gradually increase, so get ready to show your quick reflexes that will come in particularly handy during boss fights! You’ll be able to equip your character with a variety of different weapons and hats to up his abilities. To do that, you’ll have to earn money for killing your foes. Don’t wait any longer, launch the game and show that you are capable of defeating any number of opponents!