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Subnautica Below Zero

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Game information

Game title: Subnautica Below Zero

Category: Boys Games
Game description:

Take a trip to the oceanic depths and see what mysteries are hidden in this underwater universe. In the Below Zero part of Subnautica series, you will play for a diver, who immerses himself into the ocean and discovers the amazing views of this truly incredible and unknown world. The location is tough – it is an arctic area of the outlaw planet. Being a member of the scientific research group, you have a mission to discover the objects that are located under the water. While the other members of your team are working on the surface of the planet, your task is to investigate the oceanic environment and study the artefacts left by another forms of life. The next level of space discovery is in your hands. Inform the scientists about your findings and let the great mission go on.

However, everything is not that simple. The story begins when a catastrophe happens on your space station. People out there used to guide you through your investigations, providing instructions and supply. Now the disaster occurs and you have to do everything to save your life. You are alone on a distant planet and have no choice but to learn how to survive there. Gather materials to build shelters, find resources and food. Sometimes, you will have to take serious risks and only smart improvisation can save you. Are you ready to start a big adventure?