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Super Adventure Pals 2

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Game information

Game title: Super Adventure Pals 2

Category: RPG
Game description:

If you enjoy a good adventure with RPG elements, Super Adventure Pals is a must-play for you! Our hero is a young adventurous guy who has a noble mission before him: saving his pet from a wicked man called Mr. B. Your quest will take you across a vast landscape open for exploration, with a multitude of charming characters you can also offer your help. You’ll come across villagers in need of rescue, notorious villains, talking snowmen, elderly dandies in the nude and camels confused about their identity. The enemies you are about to fight are splendidly versatile: huge cactuses, jelly monsters, yetis and other unbelievable creatures will try and hinder your path, but you’ll defeat every of them. For those expecting more action there are all kinds of platforming challenges, including jumping, spikes and exploding blokes. You won’t be alone on your way. A friend of yours will accompany you every step of your journey and he’s no usual either. This is a Giraffe with a wide set of useful abilities. For instance, you can use his neck to climb upwards or profit from his helicopter tongue. Set out on a wild adventure, enjoy the challenges and rewards and save your pet before Mr. B does something horrible to him!