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Talking Tom Camp

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Game information

Game title: Talking Tom Camp

Category: Talking Tom Games
Game description:

Our old friend Tom is never resting, looking out for a new adventure. This time he decided to set up an ultimate water battle using water balloons and guns! You are about to lead a whole cat army equipped with all kinds of swimming pool gadgets and try to take on your opponents’ base by devising a winning strategy that will bring you the desired victory. The action is going to be hot, although spurts of fresh water coming from the rivaling camp will definitely cool you down!

There is a wide assortment of structures to enhance your base with. Part of them is designed to keep you stocked up on necessary resources (for instance, the coin factory) allowing you to increase the size of your troops and buy more and more buildings for better defense. Other constructions, including catapults and towers, will give up your chances to fight off enemy attacks – believe us, there won’t be a shortage of those! Surely, you’ll be the one to select where to put each building. Defending your base won’t be the only thing you are going to do. For those who prefer active participation, there is also an opportunity to launch your own attack. But while you will make decisions on the formation of your army, you’ll have no chance to control it once the troops set off. All you can do after sending them into siege is relax and watch.

With an interface and gaming mechanics similar to Clash of Clans, Talking Tom Camp is a very nice-looking and friendly game that will be suitable even for young players. There are no deaths, no blood to spill – only water! So join the fight and try to splash your opponent down!