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Sword With Sauce Alpha

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Game information

Game title: Sword With Sauce Alpha

Category: Games 2017
Game description:

If you like shooters, then you should try Sword with Sauce, where you can be either a super-secret spy or a crazy killer, and here everything depends only on your will. You will be in a place that is full of enemies, and have to find a way to complete your mission. You can do it in two ways: silent and loud. If you start killing everybody without looking for the best option, you will be easily recognized, and everyone will hunt for you. If you are more silent, and don’t use loudly shooting guns, you will play more efficiently, and may defeat more enemies. There are so many weapons that you have plenty of options to choose from, and each of them serve for a certain goal. You will definitely like the graphics, and such sketchy manner will take your breath away: there will be a lot of blood and black humor. Share this game with your friends, and play with them.