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Game information

Game title: TABG 2

Category: Boys Games
Game description:

We all have heard about TABS. Now the studio behind this thrilling action-packed multiplayer shooter has launched a new project dedicated to April Fool’s day. The game is called Totally Accurate Battlegrounds and sets the player up against a horde of opponents brought together on a tiny piece of land that gets even smaller as the safe area shrinks and the fight gets fiercer. Your task is to stock up on weapons that you will find in the houses on the island and launch into the combat! Only one player can win and that might be you! You need to show good tactical skills and nice reflexes, because everyone here is looking to kill you. There is nobody you can count on but yourself. However, you just can’t take what’s happening seriously. The design and physics of the game is nothing but a big parody and you will have hilarious moments watching your character flying off a few of his lengths after firing a rifle or getting his arms stretched enormously beyond human biological limits. This is particularly why it is so much fun to play this game! Try TABG and you’ll see the genre of royale fight from a whole new perspective!