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TABS 2019

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Game information

Game title: TABS 2019

Category: Simulation
Game description:

Welcome to the wackiest and funniest battle-title ever! This TABS 2019 – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator! This game has a word Accurate in its name for a reason. While the characters’ design is far from realistic in any way, the physics here are incredibly great. The heroes of your army will move like rubber dolls, jelly-people or medusas, but they will do that in a very natural manner. Their outlook will surely make you laugh – while they are dressed as people from various historical epochs and their clothes and weapons will surely give you hint about the universe they come from… their faces are all very plain and funny. Googly eyes look a bit silly and no expressions will ever appear on these faces. So all of the characters are very similar. The categories of them differ though – some are Vikings, the others are ancient people, still other are mighty knights from the medieval times. You will see them kicking and smashing each other in a furious fight, which will look absolutely spectacular due to the realistic and well-thought physics we have already mentioned. You will laugh again and again when two walls of wacky warriors will run at one another, collide and jump off in a funny way. Their hands and legs will move in the air and you will laugh your head off for sure.

Considering the fact that you can choose different warriors from various epochs, you will have a chance to observe a truly unique collision every time. For example, seeing pirates fighting with ancient people, who have mammoths and throw stones… isn’t it great? We bet that you will enjoy TABS and get an incredible experience you have never seen before. This is not a traditional battle game, where you have to control every step of your character, gather items, and try to shoot everyone around. It is absolutely non-violent and doesn’t have any cruel or bloody scenes. It’s not serious, but funny and enjoyable. Try it right now and you won’t regret!