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Monster School: Baldi’s Basics

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Game information

Game title: Monster School: Baldi’s Basics

Category: Baldi’s Basics
Game description:

Your teacher at monster high school has always been a strange person. However, nobody can compete with weirdest math educator of entire world – Baldi! Together, you & friends, are going to experience creepiest lessons possible. This time, Baldi is here and he is always willing to catch & punish poor pupils for being incapable to resolve his absurd puzzles. There is nothing else you can do, but to retreat fast and hide, before he reaches & scares you and makes your heart stand still. And don’t forget, he is not alone in his passion for making students’ blood chill. There are more strange enemies in the school corridors, so make sure that you avoid meeting them. All in all, you are a monster yourself in this school, so the comic effect is surely expected!