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Tasty Blue Full

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Game information

Game title: Tasty Blue Full

Category: Fun Unblocked
Game description:

Each of us has a certain type of pets that we like most: cats, dogs, rabbits, even snakes. If you like fish, then you will appreciate Tasty Blue, where your character will be a small goldfish that has one interesting peculiarity. Its owner was an insane man, and he was feeding it several times a day, and fish was still of a little size, but could eat a whole shark. It escaped to the ocean, and then real adventures began. It will consume everyone that it will see on its way, and such real food allows this marine creature grow to enormous size that couldn’t be reached in a tank. Are you ready to learn how actually big a tiny goldfish may become?

Remember that you can’t eat a shark, whenever you want. At first you need to grow to be as big, as your prey. You may consume fish that is smaller than you, but when you grow, your diet will become healthier and more nutritious. But don’t be too greedy: you should eat all the time, because you may become fed up, and there will definitely be problems. If you are tired of playing the goldfish, you may choose a dolphin. The process will be quite the same, but it is lovelier. You may also pick up a shark, and it will help you to get rid of your pets that were overfed. No matter, what pet you choose, you will see enough levels, and you may even invite your best friend to play two creatures simultaneously.