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That’s not my Neighbor Horror

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Game information

Game title: That’s not my Neighbor Horror

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

That’s Not My Neighbor Horror plunges players into a spine-tingling simulation set in a world teeming with doppelgangers, developed by Nacho Sama and showcased on This game, wrapped in a 2D style that echoes the peculiar aesthetics of the late 20th century, challenges players to stand guard at the entrance of their building amidst a surge of sinister supernatural activity. The faded colors and whimsically exaggerated facial features not only enrich the game’s atmosphere but also heighten the sense of unease as players discern friend from foe. Tasked with the crucial yet daunting role of gatekeeper, players must rely on their vigilance to ensure the safety of their neighbors and themselves. A single oversight could lead to dire consequences, thrusting players into the role of the next victim in this eerie setting where not everyone is as they appear.

A Test of Perception and Survival

In That’s Not My Neighbor Horror, the gameplay hinges on the player’s ability to differentiate between the genuine and the ghastly. As the newly appointed doorman, the responsibility of scrutinizing each individual’s identity before granting entry lies heavily on your shoulders. The game intricately weaves tension and strategy into the fabric of its design, requiring players to memorize specific entry conditions and adapt to changes in protocol. With the threat of doppelgangers adept at mimicking human voices and appearances—albeit imperfectly—the game introduces a unique challenge of spotting discrepancies that betray their true nature. Equipped with an office full of tools, from security windows to emergency buttons, players must remain alert, organizing information about neighbors and making split-second decisions to avert the infiltration of these malevolent entities. That’s Not My Neighbor Horror transcends traditional horror gaming by marrying the thrill of supernatural suspense with the meticulousness of a simulation, offering a uniquely gripping experience that tests both mind and mettle.