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We’ve already seen dozens of various simulators in the io genre. Some of them showed us what it’s like to be a bacteria, snake and bird, others put us behind the wheel of a pixel tank and paper plane. But the goal of all those games is always the same – collect objects on the map to upgrade your character, fight other players and defeat everyone you meet on your way. is no exception. You will debut as a little helpless worm making its first steps in a big and hostile world. Your surroundings will be full of other creatures and not all of them are safe to be around. While you are still small and weak, you need to avoid anyone who is bigger than you. Otherwise you risk becoming their dinner which wouldn’t be a very desired turn of events. But don’t worry, even if you lose, there is nothing stopping you from trying once more!

The gameplay is rather simple, but nevertheless highly addictive. You will be roaming the map in search of colorful spheres that will give you the necessary energy to grow and evolve. Hurry up to pick another shiny dot before any of your rivals gets there first! Over time, your level will increase and you’ll see that your worm has become larger. Now it’s time to get out of the shadows and make a statement to other worms! There will be plenty of players you can start a fight with. To win, it’s enough to trick the opponent into losing control and bumping into some kind of an obstacle. That can even be their own tail. When that happens, the worm falls into pieces equalling the entire amount of food they have eaten and you can pick them up to up your level even higher. There are also various boosters you can use to gain a temporal edge over your enemy. If you need to move faster, use acceleration, but remember that it’s much harder to control your worm at such a speed. Be bold and cunning!