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The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

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Game information

Game title: The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

Category: Adventure
Game description:

Parent child conflict is not only an inseparable part of our life but also the base of this new amazing game. The heroes in the center of the story are a little boy with rich imagination and his father who doesn’t seem to care a lot about his kid. At least, he shows very few emotions towards his son. The nine-year-old Chris fancies himself as Captain Spirit, his brave alter ego. This is his way of dealing with a tragic event of his mother’s death. The gameplay mostly includes exploring the house and performing things of ‘Awesome Things to Do’ compiled by Chris while his dad is watching basketball matches and drinking beer. The house is full of things reminiscent of the deceased woman: a bottle of her perfume, the drawings she did for Chris, unopened New Year’s presents…  The game is surely very atmospheric and touching while also fascinating!