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The Spy Who Shrunk Me

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Game information

Game title: The Spy Who Shrunk Me

Category: Adventure
Game description:

The destiny of the world is in your hands! In this comedy title, that mocks secrecy stories, you are playing for a secret agent, sent to Russia and find out the mysteries of government and horrible secrets of Moscow and its plans to make a cold war a hot one. Your task is to prevent it and you cannot fail the mission. To reach success, you have so many tools and gadgets, including… bananas! The guard and disguise will help you stay unnoticed. Everything is pleasing here, from a bit vulgar jokes to amazing art style. You can pass the entire adventure without killing and even hurting anyone. The gameplay will amaze you with thoughtfulness. You will see how successfully the controls and perspectives support the atmosphere from the very first seconds of playing. The motion and graphics can compete with the action-cartoons and even beat them in terms of variety and quality for sure. The main difference is that this time you are not watching someone completing missions on the screen, but taking an active part in the process yourself. Indeed, an eternal plot that tells about secret agents that travel from USA to Russia or vice versa at times when the governments have so many secrets and evil plans that cannot be easily uncovered never gets old.