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Thief Simulator

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Game information

Game title: Thief Simulator

Category: Simulation
Game description:

The life of a professional thief is not easy. You will see it for yourself once you try Thief Simulator, a realistic game that lets you feel yourself as a real clip-artist. You will watch your target carefully and gather information to pull a successful robbery off. Purchase equipment to break the security systems and sneak into the houses. Learn thief tricks to hustle on the highest level. You will have to investigate the houses before you get inside. Make sure that you have a plan and manage everything as fast as possible. You will have to gather as many valuable things as you can in the shortest possible time. There is so many useless junk in every house and this might slow you down. If you are not sure that an object is expensive, you’d better leave it for the sake of more valuable ones. Use a flashlight when you get into someone’s house at night. Just make sure that you do everything really quickly and then sell the goods you have stolen to avoid any problems with the police.