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Travel Town

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Game information

Game title: Travel Town

Category: Match 3
Game description:

Explore the vibrant world of Travel Town, where your love for travel and knack for combining items will come in handy. This game is all about discovery and improvement, turning simple items into extraordinary treasures. As you journey through this enchanting world, you’ll find yourself merging everything from apples to zodiac signs, unlocking over 500 incredible items across various levels. The landscape is your canvas, and with each pair of items you combine, you not only create something new but also help the friendly townsfolk. Their quests will guide you, opening up a realm of possibilities and new items to enhance your adventure.

Rebuilding and Meeting the Townsfolk

After a devastating hurricane, it’s up to you to collect coins, rebuild the town, and restore its former glory. Along the way, you’ll meet 55 unique characters, each with their stories and needs. By assisting them, you not only progress through the game but also unlock new items that aid in your town’s revitalization. The challenge of rebuilding Travel Town is matched by the satisfaction of watching your town flourish, thanks to your efforts in merging, exploring, and strategizing. Dive into Travel Town and see how your merges can make a difference in this captivating, ever-evolving world.