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Try Not To Laugh

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Game information

Game title: Try Not To Laugh

Category: Adventure
Game description:

What would we do if we couldn’t laugh? Life would be so grim and hopeless! Luckily, the world is full of funny things. Amusing and downright crazy situations happen every day and it’s a good thing we have cameras to tape them and share online so that others could laugh at them as well. These short videos can instantly make our day brighter and charge us with positivity for many hours. How can you make watching them even more entertaining? Turn it into a game! Try Not To Laugh Challenge is a freaky mix of funny videos that can make your belly crack. But your goal is to stay serious as long as you can! How many minutes can you hold up and keep yourself from giggling as you watch this? The app is connected to your smartphone camera that captures every twitch of your lips. Don’t even smile or you’ll lose! As the time ticks away, you gain points for every second you are capable of keeping your laughs down. The very moment your mouth opens in anything from a shadow of a smile to hysterical laughter, it’s game over! But don’t worry, losing a game like that doesn’t hurt at all! After a few shots, you can compare your personal record to other results. Consume a dose of first-rate humor and plunge into the world of hilarious videos with Try Not To Laugh Challenge!