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Very Little Nightmares

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Game information

Game title: Very Little Nightmares

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

This game is not scary but rather a bit blood-chilling. The atmosphere is pretty gloomy and dark – you play for a sad girl in a yellow coat and she is closed inside of a limited space, a house full of strange things, unknown creatures, and dangers. The graphics are adorable so the game looks even cute, but the idea of the child locked all alone in a creepy place make that cuteness a bit dubious. You need to guide her through the rooms, trying to avoid the harmful objects as well as enemies. Her life depends on you! Hide from the monsters and walk forward carefully. It seems like everything in this world is against her…
Most gamers agree that this title is one of the most exciting small mobile games that unite horror and cuteness in one pack. Here you will surely adore the atmosphere – extremely gloomy, but wrapped in very nice and beautiful artwork. There are no things that look ugly or scary so you feel a bit frightened just because the game is made this way – the plot and the environment are creepy, but nobody scares you on purpose. The puzzles are very imaginative and sometimes you will have to think over them for a while. The entire story is mysterious and strange, while the background music adds something really special to your adventure, creating a full-fledged experience for all of your senses!