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Watergirl and Fireboy Amazon Adventure

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Game information

Game title: Watergirl and Fireboy Amazon Adventure

Game description:

The journey of fairy-tale creatures Watergirl and Fireboy goes on! This time, you will guide them through the dangerous jungles. This place is full of hungry animals and poisonous plants, so beware! Make sure that you save your characters from being harmed by those predators. Fortunately, both Fireboy and Watergirl have special abilities and they can give a good response to those creatures! Use their fighting skills to get rid of enemies and continue moving. There are so many exciting levels to check out!

The main aim is to get to the final destination and gather jewelry on your way. Each level contains a certain amount of them. You need to gather each and every of them and remember – if you miss at least one precious stone, you will have to chance to pick it later, since the characters cannot go back. Therefore, you will have to have a plan. Think about your every move and do your best to avoid traps. If you fail to do that, the level will start all over again. When the game begins, your tasks are pretty simple, however, be aware that they will become complex later. And don’t forget that jungles are full of dangers. The inhabitants like lions and tigers think that Watergirl and Fireboy can become a really delicious dinner. However, you can beat them with your intellect – create traps for predators and catch them before they catch you!