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Word Link – Word Puzzle Game

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Game information

Game title: Word Link – Word Puzzle Game

Category: Kids Games
Game description:

Word games will never go out of fashion! Those willing to prove and improve their lexicon will greatly benefit from playing Word Link. It is pretty easy to get the hang of yet offers immense abilities in keeping your brain fit. The levels grow in difficulty, but you are not limited in time. You can solve the puzzles at any speed that is comfortable for you. Any moment you can return to previous levels to replay them. The gameplay is accompanied by cute visuals and relaxing music. It also features hints that don’t cost any moment and bonus words that will bring you extra prizes. With over 2000 levels that don’t repeat themselves, you’ll be able to expand your vocabulary in a matter of days if not hours! Try Word Link and see how many levels you can sweep through without looking into the dictionary!