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Zombie Catchers 2

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Game information

Game title: Zombie Catchers 2

Category: Zombie , 1 Player
Game description:

The world is flooded with walking dead and nobody can save it but you! Become a courageous zombie hunter and catch them all. By the way, did you know that in the modern capitalistic society even zombies can become a source of profit? Have no doubts, ask Bud and AJ, successful businessmen, who decide to want to open a store and… get some profit from the zombies. We bet, you have no idea how exactly these crazy guys are going to do that, but you really want to know. You will – just join the game and see! Bud’s and AJ’s lab is full of secrets, but brave zombie catchers like you will surely find them out soon. Take your tool kit that includes numerous devices and traps that will allow you find, entrap, and catch the walking dead. There are so many interesting things to discover and locations to take a look at, so hurry up and get into the zombie hunt now.