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Have you ever heard about spinners? Surely you did, because this is one of the most popular games of present time. Now you can twist your favorite devices not only in real life, but in virtual as well, because .io developers gave you such a wonderful opportunity. In Spinzio you don’t have to think for too long or plan a difficult and well-thought strategy to get to the top of the leaderboard. This is the only aim in Spinzio, and you should always practice to stay at your place, and don’t lose points, because everyone tries to get to the highest position. You need to login, using Facebook or Google accounts, and thanks to this, you may share your progress, if there is any, with your friends. The rules are very simple – you need to absorb varicolored dots that are all over the battlefield, and they will help you to speed up. But be careful with it: the RPM bar becomes empty quickly, and you won’t be able to escape the collision with the enemy, who is much faster than you are. You need to smash all spinners on the screen, so that only your will be left alive. After each level you will see your statistics, and you can show it to your friends, and make conclusions about your gaming style in order to correct it, and become better.